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  • Vitalismi ja enformaatio toimii

  • Hello Alexei,

    thank you very much for your post, I think you are just on the right track when you concentrate on combining semiotics and cybernetics. Indeed, I would like to propose ”system semiotics”, as the system is the measure of its world … in the sense of Protagoras!

    I am sorry the most up-to-date material on ”enformation theory” (as the overall story is now called) is only in Finnish … but there are some new links (the foremost ones) in English at


  • I like your term ”neocybernetics”. It came to my mind too, and Google helped me to locate you.
    I develop ”agent-centered” approach to semiotics and biosemiotics. See my papers
    Send me your e-mail and I’ll send you some recent reprints.
    -Alexei Sharov

  • Excellent … superb … and with profound potential, indeed, for our understanding. Science can talk about ’meaning’ again. Thank you.

  • I’m interested in biosemiotics as a philosophical underpinning of the emergent properties of ecoregions…

  • What a wonderful homepage for a wonderful research topic – congratulations!


  • Wow! Thank you

  • Dear Carmelo,

    I am truly delighted of your words and wish you all the best. Please, keep us informed of your work!

    I always remind my own students of the challenges … neocybernetics is not yet an established field of scientific research. But I guess you know that – and the rewards in these new frontiers can also be great! – Still, you had better discuss this topic with your superviser beforehand.

    Heikki Hyötyniemi

  • Dear Prof. Hyötyniemi,

    It is after having read your enlightning works that I decided to make my final dissertation on neocybernetics.

    I deeply believe that if a chance there is to develop any unified model, neocybernetics is the only key for it. And my challenge is try to start investigating on it in my thesis.

    Thank you very much for your efforts, as major contributors to change the ”small” views about this world in a ”much broader” one.

    Carmelo R. Cartiere
    Msc, Software Engineering
    University of Oxford
    Kellogg College

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