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Presentations on Neocybernetics

In addition to the Lectures on Elementary Cybernetics on video with slides, there are some older presentations that may help to see the Neocybernetic Big Picture…

Featured Theses

Doctoral Theses:

Master’s Theses:

Publications on Neocybernetics

“Prehistory” of neocybernetics have been published mainly in Finnish Artificial Intelligence Conferences (1992–2004).

In autumn 2006, Oct. 25–27, at the Scandinavian Conference on Artificial Intelligence (SCAI’06 in Espoo, Finland) and at the simultaneous Finnish AI Conference (STeP’06) the topic of “Elastic Systems” – another view on neocybernetics – was introduced:

There is something new in 2008 – again presented at Finnish AI Conference (STeP’08), Espoo, Finland, August 20–22 – now under the name “Adaptive Tension Systems”:

The most recent updates to the publication list are the following:

There also exists some additional technical and mathematical background material to get insight into the tools and intuitions, published as research reports in Control Engineering Laboratory of Helsinki University of Technology:

More publications on university database…