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Starting (somewhat arbitrarily) from the Finnish Artificial Intelligence Conference 1998 (STeP’98) in Jyväskylä, there are the following three papers in the proceedings book “Human and Artificial Information Processing”, edited by P. Koikkalainen and S. Puuronen:

The theme of the year 2000 Finnish Artificial Intelligence Conference in Espoo was “Millennium of Artificial Intelligence”, and the proceedings was edited by H. Hyötyniemi:

The year 2002 Finnish Artificial Intelligence Conference (STeP’02) was held in Oulu. The editors of the proceedings “Intelligence, The Art of Natural and Artificial” were P. Ala-Siuru and S. Kaski:

As a glimpse to the future ... my inaugural lecture, March 12, 2002: “Complex Systems – Searching for Gold”.

The new science of neocybernetics was officially introduced at the Finnish Artificial Intelligence Conference, Sep. 1–3, 2004 (STeP’04), in Helsinki. The basic material is presented in the following STeP papers:

... One of my earliest publications (Proc. STeP’92, Vol. 1) was, incidentally, also about Artificial Life.

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